Future Missions : near - Earth Asteroids * Lagrange points * The Moon * The Red Planet Mars * Deep Space destinations
Exploration Flight Test 1 planned for 2014 Which will be Launched By The SLS or The Space Launch System





GEMASOLAR Is a concentrated Solar Power Plant with a molten Salt Heat Storage System . It is Located within the City limits of Fuentes de Andalusia, in the Province of Seville, Spain . The Plant is a 140 M high Solar Power Tower and uses concepts pioneered in the Solar One and Solar Two demonstration projects, using molten salt as its heat transfer fluid and energy storage medium. Originally called Solar Tres, it was renamed Gemasolar . Gemasolar is the first commercial Solar Plant with central Tower receiver and molten salt heat storage technology . It consists of a 185 ha Solar field that has a 140 M high Tower receiver, a power island and 2650 Heliostats each 120 M 2 ( Meters Square ) and distributed in concentric rings around the Tower .